Our Sponsors

Principal Sponsor


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Recreational Services and Vocus Communications have not only grasped what Not For Me about, they have been prepared to invest in it.

They were Not For Me’s two inaugural corporate partners in 2010 and their support is significant in helping Not For Me increase the level of auction items it sources for the many charities and other worthy organisations it supports.

Capability Partners

Not For Me remains truly humbled by the level of generous support it receives. In particular, thanks to our Capability Partners listed below who kindly offer their expertise as required.


NZ Internet



Is it FOR YOU?

Now that Not For Me has established a sound record of success, we are looking to increase our impact by expanding our sponsor base. With more funds in, we can help more organisations to raise more funds for those in need.

We want to develop a group of likeminded companies and individuals who enjoy seeing clear and tangible proof that their giving is making a difference – and who, if they wish, will have the opportunity to be fully involved in the decision making that governs all we do.

So, if you are interested in being able to see real results for every dollar you give, and being as much involved as you are would like to be, we offer you the opportunity to become a Gold Sponsor for a minimum commitment of just $5,000 per annum. As a Gold Sponsor, you’ll enjoy being part of a small group with a big passion to make their efforts count. You’ll also have the opportunity for input into such things as memorabilia and charity selection.

For each year of participation, you will receive up to four tickets to a charity auction event – so you can experience for yourself the exhilaration of seeing our goods travel through the auction process.

As a Gold Sponsor you will receive regular financial updates on all that we do. And, because Not For Me is a fully registered charity, you will also receive a tax receipt and framed certificate attesting to your generous support.