Auction Items

Auction items sourced by Not For Me for approximately $140,000 have gone on to raise just over $700,000 through the charity auction process. For every $1 spent, that’s $5 raised.

Going forward, it is our objective to maintain this 1:5 ratio.


A note to our donors

We really appreciate the generosity of the people and organisations making memorabilia and items available to the charities through Not for Me.

We always seek to maximise the returns to the Charities and organisations who might benefit from the sale.

Donors may wish to specify a charity but we always try to match the donated item to an event that will maximise the return.

Guaranteeing authenticity

All of the items sourced by Not for Me are expected to be of the highest level of authenticity and quality.  The provenance of memorabilia can considerably enhance its value and we will do everything we can to provide documented proof of this.


Reserve prices

Occasionally auctions fail to fire and we certainly don't want to give the memorabilia away.  Where possible we will try to match the memorabilia and items to specific events to maximise the sale price.

On some pieces we will set reserve prices to ensure a reasonable sales price is achieved.

Items can fail to reach the reserve price during the auction because there is only one bidder, and you may choose to ask the bidder for a higher bid before withdrawing the item.

If the item doesn't sell, it will be returned to Not for Me and we will make it available for future auctions.


Memorabilia and other items

Many of the items we source are signed pieces of sports memorabilia. For example, examples of signed items we have sourced to date include:

  • David Beckham signed football jersey
  • Sir Colin Meads signed vintage rugby ball
  • Dan Carter signed AB’s replica World Cup Jersey
  • Sir Richard Hadlee signed photo
  • Mike Tyson signed boxing glove

We have sourced a range of other auction items, which include:

  • Sir Edmund Hillary signed $5 note 
  • LisaSarah stainless steel artwork
  • John Key signed golf ball
  • Rod Stewart signed album
  • Lester De Vere photography session