About Us

Ant-and-Vanessa2Not For Me has been established with two primary objectives:

  1. To provide donors a smart way to make their donations go further; and
  2. To help selected charities in their fund raising activities by sourcing quality memorabilia, items and services which can be sold through auctions

It was set up by Ant and Vanessa Ford in 2007 and both are still actively involved.

"We decided that instead of just giving an annual donation to selected charities, we would see if we could increase the impact of our donated dollar.  The result was "Not for Me".  The money we would have spent on our annual donations is now used to procure memorabilia so that the charities get more and no-one clips the ticket along the way. "

Not For Me (2139184) is a Charitable Trust incorporated under the Charitable Trust Act 1957.

Why is it called Not For Me

Initially when we started canvassing people for donations we frequently would say "No, it's not for me" as we explained how we operated and our ethos. 

By calling it Not For Me we are also emphasising that there is nothing financial in it for us. We take no salary or expenses for running this organisation and the entire amount bid at the auction goes directly to the charity. 

Our People

Founders Ant and Vanessa Ford, have established an impeccable reputation amongst the not-for-profit sector and are well known for their personal generosity and strong commitment to ‘giving back’ to the community in many ways. They have been joined in this venture by likeminded Trustees who share their commitment, values and vision for this unique charitable venture.

Ant Ford - Founder

These days Ant is driven by a very clear purpose – to use his skills and experience to positively impact the lives of New Zealanders.  

This purpose has evolved over the past ten years, during which time he has been involved in a wide range of community and charitable activities. This includes a very satisfying and successful six years as General Manager at First Foundation – an organisation set up to assist academically talented and financially disadvantaged New Zealand students to achieve their potential through tertiary education and to prepare them to positively influence and benefit their communities. 

Ant has a very strong belief in the power of mentoring and has been a mentor for a number of talented young New Zealanders. Mentoring sometimes plays a part in the scholarships provided by the Hand Up Foundation, another charitable trust set by Ant in 2009.

He has held a number of governance roles in the educational and sporting sector. He has also participated in some wonderful fundraising events and volunteers his time for various worthy organisations. During the past few years, Ant has coached over 30 junior rugby and other sports teams.

Ant was a Kiwibank Local Hero Medal recipient in the Kiwibank New Zealander of the Year Awards 2013. Last year he completed and published a book called ‘Caught in the Act of Giving’, which tracks his giving journey during the past ten years.

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Vanessa - Administration

Vanessa is a qualified Chartered Accountant who has worked for KPMG and Telecoms. During her stint at KPMG, she took advantage of the company's secondment programme and worked in the company's Dublin office during 1998-99. These days she works for ICM Asia Pacific Ltd.

While looking after and supporting their three children always keeps her very busy, Vanessa still enjoys making the time to lend her career experience and expertise to Not For Me.


Not for Me's Board comprises of five trustees;

  • Mark Callander
  • Ant Ford
  • Rhonda Scott
  • Brett Turner
  • Jo Dick