You already give to charities, probably to several charities. You have no doubt that people benefit.  And you probably appreciate that there is generally a cost associated with fundraising, but you want your donations to end up in the right place.  This is the ethos of Not For Me.

Not For Me not only makes zero reductions from all donations received, but it leverages and multiples every dollar received so the charities get more.  Quite simply, Not For Me is about giving more and taking nothing. 

So, how does this work?  From your donations, Not For Me sources a variety of quality memorabilia and other auction items  specifically targeted at the audience groups for selected charities.  This memorabilia is used for their fundraising auctions with every cent going to the right place, the charity. 

Not For Me has a proven track record.  Since its inception in 2007, we have procured over 600 auction items at cost of approximately $160,000. These items have been donated to more than 60 charities and have raised just over $800,000, which equates to $5 in the hand of the charity for every $1 donated by you.  And, there are zero deductions from the great team that run Not For Me. They do it because they are passionate about making a difference like you.

Quite simply, 100% of funds donated to Not For Me go towards the procurement of auction items and 100% of funds raised by these auction items go to the charity recipient. 

Now that Not For Me has established a record of success, we are looking to increase our impact by getting more people involved, so Donate Now.  With more donations we can help more organisations raise funds for those in need.  And, we make every dollar you donate go further.

It’s easy! Just go to our Give A Little page.

Not For Me (2139184) is a registered Charitable Trust. As an approved donee organisation donors to Not For Me are eligible to claim 33.3% of their donation back through a tax credit.